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Drawing since an early age, Michael's passion for the arts and desire to learn led him to pursue a degree in Illustration from Missouri State University. He graduated with a BFA in Design: Emphasis in Illustration in 2011. His proficiencies include the Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Houdini and a vast assortment of traditional media.

     His career as an illustrator has provided him with a unique set of skills and aesthetic viewpoint which he has successfully applied to his work as an illustrator and graphic designer. Inspired by great masters such as Arthur Rackham, the father of modern fantasy illustration, and Alphonse Mucha, a primary figure of the Art Nouveau movement, Michael incorporates elements of both their styles into much of his work.

     Michael currently resides in the deep woods of St. Louis, Missouri. When not slaving over his artwork, he enjoys a fair amount of mischief. That would include running from trolls, dabbling in arcane magic, and celebrating a weekly holiday known as Tie Friday. He also worships unicorns..... But why would you want to know about any of that?

Best in Graphics and Printmaking Highland Art in the Park- October 2021, October 2022
Best in Drawing and Printmaking Edwardsville Art Fair- September 2019, September 2022

Best in Drawing and Printmaking Midwest Salute to the Arts- August 2022
Featured Artist at Shaw Art Fair- October 2023

Featured Artist at Green Door Art Gallery - March 2019, November 2022

Featured Artist in Art Fair at Queeny Park- March 2019, 2023, September 2019

Featured Artist in Richmond Heights Art Fest- May 2019
Featured Artist in Art St Louis- January 2019, June 2020
Featured Artist in Midwest Salute to the Arts- August 2021, 2023
Featured Artist in Schafly's Art Outside- October 2021, May 2022, September 2023
Featured Artist in Laumeier Sculpture Park Annual Art Fair- May 2022


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